Starting out on Poshmark

I finally pulled the trigger and decided to clean out my closet.  Everything from jeans to high end handbags.  So far so good.  I’ve sold about $1500 in my first two weeks.  Before I started listing items I went on Pinterest and searched “selling on Poshmark”.  I found a lot of helpful information from various blogs and the actual Poshmark blog.  Pretty much everyone said the same things; take well lit photos, be specific about sizing and stains, update often, share and returns shares (which I don’t have time to do often) and use pretty tissue paper with a handwritten thank you note.  I like that my high end Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags over $500 are sent to Poshmark concierge first for authentication.  I know my stuff is authentic but I like the extra insurance for the customer.

I came across a few posts suggesting studio lighting and backdrops.  So I went on Amazon and ordered a set of photography lights and a brick theme backdrop.  The lights were under $40 and the backdrop was under $20.  I decided to order a few nice wooden shirt and pant hangers to spruce up my photos.  I keep the items I’ve already listed in one area and the items I plan to photograph and list in another area.  My mom came across a large craft table at an estate sale, so I was  lucky to score a table for $30 that I keep all my tissue paper, note cards and packaging supplies on.   I turned a little corner of my basement into my Poshmark closet staging/shipping area.  It’s perfect and didn’t cost much.

I live close to the post office which makes shipping super easy.  I typically drop off my packages before they’re actually open, just running in when the lobby is open and not full of people speeds things up.  Priority mail boxes are free, I keep them on hand in my Posh area.

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